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Review III – Nathan Edwards

Review III

PORTHMINSTER gallery, St Ives             29.11.13       Nathan Edwards


This was a gallery that I went to view when I was on holiday in St Ives, the exhibition is called ‘beneath the surface’.

As I was looking around the paintings I noticed that they had an element of movement to them, since the paintings are related to the English landscape it is no wonder they have a sense of motion, the English landscape and any kind of landscape is a changing work of art.

I do think that these arts of work do indeed capture the forever changing landscape of England, the way the cut out boards are placed on top of one another gives the piece a real sense of depth, just like the natural world is like, I also like how he has used the acrylics, the way they move with the board, and go against the board, it is truly a great representation of the world that we live in, the way the red sits above the blue mass just gives an beautiful collaboration, it makes you believe that you are not just viewing the work but able to feel the work.

His brush strokes are well done they look like stones that has been compressed together for thousands of years, for the blue though it gives the sense of rolling, uncontrollable waves that you can only ride and not control.

I would definitely use this in my animation work, as this could be a great background/layout for my work, the sense of movement, by choosing the right colours I could really make the animation really work, I might also use this in my character designs, the way they blend together as one.

To conclude I would definitely trial some of these ideas in my work to see how it works and if I like it.

Things to do:

  • Make some character designs
  • Make backgrounds/layouts
  • Decide if they work

Review II – Nathan Edwards

Review II


Giant Ant, creative studio         21.11.13      Nathan Edwards


This is a link to their home page —


Giant ant is a creative studio that tells stories using moving pictures and sound.

 From what I can see from there home page they partner with brands so that they can tell there story through film, animation, music and sound.


There is a (awareness) video that they have done called “Cannabis & Psychosis”, it is telling the viewer about the problems that come with smoking drugs, how you may experience things that you wouldn’t want to experience, and how this is linked to Psychosis, how doing drugs may trigger mental illnesses, the theme to this is a thoughtful and straight forward matter, there is no branches that stem from this, it is simply if you do smoke drugs there is a higher risk of triggering problems of the brain, the brain is a complex organ that needs care, it never stops for a brake, it’s a 24/7 operation.


The video is another matter, I want to speak about how the animation in the video is very effective and works well for the theme of the poem. Since the poem in some ways could be seen as a dark aspect of life, and for me to capture this the use of figurines that is used in stop motion is ideal and effective, the way the movements are almost jolted and robotic like, gives the video a nice feel for what it is about.

The use of 2D animation in the video is also interesting, a certain point for this is when the poem reaches a section when it talks about the pecking order of school life and relates this to a circus, now a circus can, and is sometimes very dark and a scary place which again relates to the dark aspect of the poem.

There was a part of the video which I wasn’t very fond of, this was the part in which the animator used CGI, the way they had constructed it was very nice and impressive, but I felt that it didn’t suite the poem very well.


The overall animation to the poem was a excellent piece of work, something that I would like to be able to accomplish someday.

The Glamour of Bellville Sassoon exhibition

Catherine Poole


The Glamour of Bellville Sassoon exhibition


For my arts award I am looking at creating a serious of photos depeicting dresses and the jornuey of a dress within these as I was intreged in the type of dress or style I could include I decided to visit an exhibition within the lonond fashion and textile museum.

Recently I went to visit the Fashion and Textiles museum in London to see an exhibiton called the glamour of belville sassoon which exhibited various high fashion couture dresses. The exhibiton ahd a wide variety which showcased different eras sucha s 1950s and 30s. I found the exhibition very inspiring and helpful to my arts practice. As well as the dresses there were patterns and graphics printed and you were able to look through as they were exhibited in books. The exhibition had a lot of information and gave me a lot of knowledge about coutre and bespoke dresses as well as the purpose and ideas behind them such themse were unique and fantasty and creating theatrical expressions through dresses.

In general the exhitbion had a classical appearance as the dresses were exhibited behind glass and showcased the importance and deicate features fo the dresses. The exhibition was in a circle and central compostion as you walked around and through to navigate your way. The progression of the dresses and the eras was shown as you went though the exhibition as well as this one thing I found very obvious was that the exhibition had a dull format that was enhanced by the lighting.

I found that the dresses from the 50s era were my favourite as they had transitional elemstn that would still look got today as well as the frilling and shapes to the dress there was also elements of contour and definitive and intricate detaisl that ki found inspiring. As wellas this there were wporks form a range of designers who were both well known and lesser which I found interesting.

Overall I found the exhibition helped me in my inspirations and ideas for my arts practice as well as finalizing my ideas in to what factors I want. Although the areas of presentation and how I could present my photos did ot help me the most as the format of the exhitbion was completely different. The exhibition helped develop my ideas of dresses and what qualities  I want to achieve within my practice.


“Bellville Sassoon has been synonymous with high fashion for over 50 years. As Britain’s foremost couture label from the 1960s onwards, founder Belinda Bellville with designers David Sassoon and Lorcan Mullany, dressed many of the world’s most stylish women, including Diana, Princess of Wales. This exhibition traces the history of British glamour from the couture houses of the late 1950s, to the celebrities who became clients of the company. It also explores the influence of ready-to-wear and Vogue patterns.

Paramore, LG Arena, Birmingham 23.09.13 Max Lilley

Paramore, LG Arena, Birmingham – 23/09/2013

  • The band formed in 2002 after lead vocalist Hayley Williams met brothers Zac and Josh Farro and formed a small band alongside two other members.
  • Williams was already signed to Atlantic records as a solo artist but wanted the chance to show what the band could do as a rock band and not her as a top 40 pop princess with band.
  • After recording their music, Atlantic decided that it would be better it their music was not attached to such a major record label and that they should be attached to a niche rock label “Fueled by Ramen”, and so they did.
  • After a small private performance in a warehouse in 2005 the band were eventually signed to both Fueled by Ramen and Atlantic Records.
  • The first song that the band wrote together was called ‘Conspiracy’ and was late used on their debut album “All We Know Is Falling”.

Key Dates/Achievements:

  • 31/07/05 (22/04/06 UK), first single released “Pressure” coming in at No.62 in the US Charts.
  • 26/07/05 Debut album “All We Know Is Falling” released, coming in at No.51 in the UK charts, failed to get into the US Billboard 200.
  • 12/06/07, second album “Riot!” released, coming in at No.24 in the UK Charts and No.15 in US Charts. A significant change since their debut album.
  • 29/09/09, third album “Brand New Eyes” released, coming in at No.1 in the UK Charts and No.2 in the US Charts.
  • 05/04/13, fourth album “Paramore” released, coming in at No.1 in the UK Charts and No.1 in the US Charts.
  • 18/10/10, Zac and Josh Farro, who had been in it since the start, announced they were leaving the band though Hayley Williams announced that the band still planned to make music but that the style was likely to change.

Major Awards Won:

  • In 2010, “Brand New Eyes” won best album at the Kerrang! Awards.
  • In 2012, Hayley Williams received ‘Hottest Female’ at the Kerrang! Awards.
  • In 2010, the band won “Best Alternative” at the MTV European music awards.
  • In 2009, Hayley Williams won ‘Sexiest Female’ at the NME Awards.
  • In 2010, Paramore won “Best International Band” at the NME Awards.
  • In 2012, Hayley Williams won “Hottest Female” at the NME Awards.
  • In 2010 and 2011, Paramore won “Favourite Rock Band” at the People’s Choice Awards.
  • In 2008, Paramore won “Best Rock Group”, “Best Breakout Group” and “Best Rock Track” for ‘Crushcrushcrush’ at the Teen Choice Awards.
  • In 2009, Paramore won “Choice Rock Group” and “Choice Rock Track” for ‘Decode’ at the Teen Choice Awards.
  • In 2010, Paramore won “Rock Group”, “Album – Rock” for ‘Brand New Eyes’ and “Rock Track” for ‘Ignorance’ at the Teen Choice Awards.
  • In 2011, Paramore won “Rock Group” and “Rock Track” for ‘Monster’ at the Teen Choice Awards.
  • In 2013, Paramore won “Choice Rock Group” at the Teen Choice Awards.

Concert Review:
The band played for a good length of time, it was about a 100 minute set. The band have four albums so they could’ve played for a bit longer in my opinion but it was a packed night of live music as they had two support acts on top of their headline set.
The venue was not sold it which is surprising as the band are very popular over here, their 2 latest albums have gone to No.1 in the UK. Thought the Arena was pretty full, the seating at the back was curtained of due to the tickets not being sold and there was still plenty of space left at the back of the standing area.PARAMORE
The band did introduce each other on the stage and went on to play songs after the introductions. They did, in-fact, have very good rapport with the audience as near the beginning they talked about how they couldn’t have got to where they are without the audience and went on to say that its not just them that are a part of the band but that the audience were too, they made them chant “We! AIMAG0273re! Paramore!!” throughout various points in the gig in a sort of pantomime style way, which made the audience feel like a part of the act they were watching. They introduced some songs and told the audience what they were about. They also had a large stage meaning that they had lots of room and they used all of it, they were very energetic in their performance which made it feel like they were enjoying themselves as much as we were. At one point in the gig the bassist and guitar player did a roll over each other on the stage to make the performance a bit more exciting.
In addition, out of all of the gigs I have been to, Paramore made me feel the most included in their act, in the last song before the encore, the band brought a randomly chosen fan from the audience up onto the stage to sing the song with them.


  1. Grow Up
  2. Fast in My Car
  3. That’s What You Get
  4. Decode
  5. Ignorance
  6. Interlude: I’m Not Angry Anymore
  7. Now
  8. Daydreaming
  9. When It Rains
  10. Last Hope
  11. Brick by Boring Brick
  12. Interlude: Holiday
  13. Crushcrushcrush
  14. Ain’t It Fun
  15. The Only Exception
  16. In the Mourning (transition into Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide”)
  17. Pressure
  18. Misery Business
  19. Part II
  20. Interlude: Moving On
  21.    Still Into You

The band played a very broad set spanning all of their four albums, including a small EP they did after the band reformed. 11 of the 21 songs were from their latest album, 1 of the 21 from their Singles EP, 4 of the 21 from their third album, 4 of the 21 from their second album and then 1 of the 21 from their debut album. As it should be, the album played the most was their new one. They started with a song that is listed third on the track listing on their new album, “Grow Up”, though wasn’t a single but is quite a big song musically anIMAG0271d so they could prepare extended intros and outros for the song to make it longer and louder for a powerful ‘in your face’ type beginning. They then ended the main body of the show with a song called “Misery Business” which was the firIMAG0276st single from their second album and has grown to be THE song to finish on for this band so it is kind of a tradition for them to end on that song. The song that they ended the encore on, “Still Into You”, was the first single for their latest album so everyone following the lead up to their latest work will know the song as that is the album they’re touring. The band played all of their songs brilliantly and there were no mistakes made so the on the music side of the show it was very good.

The lighting for this gig was amazing, some of the best lighting I’ve seen for a show. It was nearly as good as a Nine Inch Nails lighting show. They had a giant Logo in the middle of the stage, which was the logo that people know them by, which lit up at certain points, they had two huge rows of lights behind them which lit up in different orders, see video, and they had no curtains at the side of stage which meant it was almost like a 180˚ view. They had changes in colour depending on the mood of a song, blue lasers for love songs like “The Only Exception” (see above) and orange and green for happier songs like “Still Into You” or “Ain’t It Fun” (see above). They also had two big screens on either side of the stage which followed the lead vocalist so that people at the back could see what was going on.

Sound wise, it was all executed very well, there were 4 big speaker blocks on the stage which projected the sound 180˚ around the stage to ensure everyone could hear what was going on.

Overall, the gig was put together brilliantly. If any part of this gig had been done badly, it would’ve affected the whole night as if the lighting had been done badly you would’ve been able to tell because the show would not look like it was good. I definitely enjoyed the night and it was all managed very well, nothing went wrong and everything looked and sounded great, again not disappointed at all.

Peace, O2 Academy2 Oxford, Oxford 26.04.13 Max Lilley

Peace, O2 Academy 2, Oxford – 26/04/2013

  • They were originally named November and The Criminals and released their debut self titled EP in March 2010 and then went on to change their name to Peace in October of that year.
  • They stated that the name change was because they had started writing songs that had a different feel and that November and The Criminals was just a collage band name.
  • The name ‘Peace’ was inspired by a photograph celebrating the end of world war two.
  • The bassist and lead vocalist are brothers and grew up in Droitwich Spa and met the other two members at Worcester Sixth Form Collage and thats how the band formed.
  • The bands first gig to date was a slot at Worcester Music Festival on 23rd August 2009 when they were relatively low on the music scene.
  • Their first main supporter was Andrew Marston of BBC Introducing.
  • He gave them a prime time slot on the BBC Hereford & Worcester stage a Nozstock Festival in July 2010 and had received much airplay beforehand.
  • Andy O’Hare, a main presenter on BBC Hereford & Worcester, put them in his top ten picks of the year giving them even more attention.
  • In January 2012, the band released their first single online ‘Bblood’.
  • They were caught onto by NME who listed them in their Ones To Watch [2012] list and praised them highly.
  • The Guardian also praised them for being ‘The Future Of Indie’.
  • In April 2012, the band released their first single ‘Follow Baby’.
  • In that year the band also went on tour with The Vaccines and Mystery Jets.
  • They then went on to release their debut EP, as Peace, on 7th September 2012.
  • The band received much praise by the BBC and NME for the extended play.
  • BBC announced that the band had been nominated for the BBC Sound Poll 2013.
  • On 13th January 2013 the band released the lead single for the album ‘Wraith’ which came in at No.75 in the UK Singles chart.
  • In February 2013 the band then went on the 2013 NME Tour opening up for Palma Violets, Miles Kane and Django Django.
  • ‘Follow Baby’ was also reissued as a single on 24th March 2013 though it failed to chart in the UK.
  • On the 25th March 2013 the band released their debut album charting at No.16 in the UK charts and selling 9,028 copies in its first week.

Key Dates/Achievements:

  • 23/08/09, first gig to date.
  • 07/09/12, debut EP as Peace released with NME giving it 9/10.
  • 09/11/12, announced by the BBC that they were nominated for the Sound of 2013 Poll.
  • 13/01/13, first single release ‘Wraith’ coming in at No.75 in the UK charts.
  • 24/03/13, second single release ‘Follow Baby’, a re-release. Did not chart in the UK.
  • 25/03/13, debut album released ‘In Love’ coming in at No. 16 in the UK charts and received a 9/10 rating from NME and a 7.2/10 from
  • 20/04/13, third single from the album ‘California Daze’ released, again did not chart in the UK.
  • 16/06/13, fourth single from the album ‘Lovesick’ released, and did not chart in the UK.
  • In 2012, 3 of the bands tracks, ‘California Daze’, ‘Bloodshake’ and ‘Follow Baby’ came in at No.13, No.43 and No.47 in NME’s ’50 Best Tracks of 2012’.
  • They were also nominated for Best Band at the NME awards in 2013.

Concert Review:
The band played for a good 75 minutes which is is impressive considering that they have only got one album out and one EP to play songs from. So it was a night of music that I was not expecting to be longer than 2 hours but turned out to be about 3 hours. So content wise it was packed more than I was expected so that was a good surprise.
The band had good rapport with the audience, like someone shouted “I love you Harry!!” and Harry shouted “I love you too!” which shows that the band were not ignoring the audience. They spoke in between songs so that they had time for instrument changes and to get to know the audience. It was quite intimate as the capacity of the venue was only 436 people so it was quite nice to have a small venue and a gig that the band could focus on.
The band, though, were not introduced but they did promote their debut album asking “has anyone by any chance picked up our album?” followed by a loud cheer from the crowd. The lead vocalist also came down into the crowd in the last song to try and interact with the fun that the crowd were having and to try and make the crowd feel like they were part of the music.


  1. Delicious
  2. Follow Baby
  3. Lovesick
  4. Waste of Paint
  5. Float Forever
  6. Higher Than the Sun
  7. Toxic
  8. Scumbag
  9. Wraith
  10. 1998 (Delicious) (Binary Finary cover)
  11. Encore:
  12. California Daze
  13. Bloodshake

The band started with a song that is track 6 on the album, it has an intro that is fit for an opening though which means that they can walk on stage to a big synth sound instead of walking on stage and starting with a track that everyone kind of knows. They ended the main body of the show with their longest song “1998 (Delicious)” which is a cover of a Binary Finary song and is 10 minutes and 8 seconds long and has a loud and musically big ending which is perfect to leave the stage as you can leave it with feedback on and make it seem like a massive ending. This song was better known by hardcore fans as it closes their debut EP. They finished the encore with a classic tune which again is a hardcore fan song and ends the deluxe version of the album. It has a climax section in which everyone moshed to, which created a great atmosphere in the room and it felt like everyone was enjoying themselves and they probably ended on that for the same reason that they chose “1998” to end the main body of the show on.

The lighting was standard for a show of that size, there was nothing special about it as it was a standard set up, they didn’t have and mood lighting for different songs, it was mainly Yellow, Blue and Red lighting for the songs, there weren’t any strobes for the climaxes of any songs either. It was just something in the background whilst the band played.

The sound was also a good addition to the night as it was set up for the venue specifically and did not reflect of the space badly and become fuzzy.

Overall, the gig was a great night of music and I was not disappointed. The bands performance was better than the album and they finished in good time as well, before ten which meant I was not tired the next day. All of the elements of the show were well put together, though if the one had been executed badly it wouldn’t have shown up that much and would not have affected the show itself. So the management for this show was good but nothing special, none the less a great night of live music.

Arctic Monkeys, The Hydro, Glasgow 21.11.13 Max Lilley

Arctic Monkeys, The Hydro, Glasgow – 21/11/2013:

  • The band started recording demos at 2fly studios in 2003.
  • The demo discs were handed out to people for free at gigs and it was loosely named ‘Beneath The Boardwalk’.
  • The band gained quite a big following on Myspace.
  • The band received more attention from the press and BBC Radio. A local photographer filmed one of the bands performances and went on to film the video for their first single, which he released via his website.
  • In 2005, Arctic Monkeys released their first single “Five Minutes With Arctic Monkeys” on their own record label ‘Bang Bang’.
  • Soon after that, the band played the Carling Stage at Reading & Leeds Festival, which is a stage mainly reserved unsigned bands or less well known bands, and received an unusually large reception when they played.
  • Eventually the band moved from their own record label ‘Bang Bang’ to Domino Records in June 2005.
  • It was rumoured they were offered a £1 million deal from EMI and a £725,000 deal from Epic Records, but they denied these rumours later on their website.
  • Their first single with Domino Records ‘I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor’ was released on 17th OctobIMG_0185er 2005 and went straight to UK No.1 beating Sugarbabes and Robbie Williams.
  • Their second single with Domino, ‘When The Sun Goes Down’, was released on 16th January 2006 and also went straight to UK No.1 beating Shayne Ward and selling 38,922 copies.
  • The bands success with little marketing or advertising led some to suggest that it could signal a change in how new bands achieve recognition.

Key Dates/Achievements:

  • Their first album, ‘Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not’ was released on 23rd January 2006 and went straight to UK No.1.
  • Their second album, ‘Favourite Worst Nightmare’ was released on 23rd April 2007 and went straight to UK No.1.
  • Their third album, ‘Humbug’ was released on 19th August 2009 and went straight to UK No.1.
  • Their fourth album, ‘Suck It And See’ was released on 6th June 2011 and went straight to UK No.1.
  • Their fifth and latest album, ‘AM’ was release on 9th September 2013 and went straight to UK No.1.
  • After releasing their fifth studio album, Arctic Monkeys were named the only band to have successfully had five consecutive number one albums.
  • Brit Awards Won:
  • Best British Breakthrough Act, 2006.
  • Best British Group, 2007 & 2008.
  • Best British Album, 2007 (Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not) & 2008 (Favourite Worst Nightmare).
  • Won the Barclaycard Mercury Prize for ‘Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not’ in 2006.
  • Headlined Glastonbury for the first time on Friday 21st June 2007.
  • Headlined Glastonbury for a second time on Friday 28th June 2013.
  • Headlined Reading & Leeds Festival for the first time on Saturday 29th August 2009 (Reading) and Friday 28th August 2009 (Leeds).

Concert Review:
The concert was held at The Hydro, a recently built venue only completed in September 2013, in Glasgow. The band came on in good time and played for around 105 minutes which is what you’d expect from a band who’ve got five number one albums.
The band had a good rapport with the audience as lead singer, Alex TurIMG_0184ner spoke to the audience in between songs to ask the audience how they were doing and telling them about what the next song was about. Alex Turner also introduced the band one by one throughout the concert, making sure that the song they were playing after the introduction was more based around them so that they could show off their instrumental skill. The lead singer also apologised for their recent cancellation at the venue as the concert was originally supposed to take place on 01/11/2013 but they had to cancel and reschedule the concert as the lead singer had laryngitis. It was good that he had the decency to recognise that he should at least say something about it as it would seem slightly selfish if he didn’t.


  1. Do I Wanna Know?
  2. Brianstorm
  3. Dancing Shoes
  4. Don’t Sit Down ‘Cause I’ve Moved Your Chair
  5. Teddy Picker
  6. Crying Lightning
  7. Fireside
  8. Reckless Serenade
  9. Old Yellow Bricks
  10. One for the Road
  11. Arabella
  12. Pretty Visitors
  13. I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor
  14. Cornerstone
  15. No. 1 Party Anthem
  16. Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?
  17. Fluorescent Adolescent
  18. Do Me a Favour
  19. I Wanna Be Yours
  20.  Encore:
  21. Snap Out of It
  22. Mardy Bum
  23. R U Mine?

This was a very mixed setlist which spanned all of their five albums. The majority of the setlist consisted of their latest album. 9 of the 22 songs were from that album and the rest were from their previous four albums. 5 ofIMG_0182 the 22 songs were from their second album, 3 were from their debut album, 3 from their third album and 2 from their fourth album. They played the popular ones from the other albums or the main singles released for that album. They started the show with ‘Do I Wanna Know?’ which is the first track on the new album so everyone knew it and the whole crowd even chanted the tune. They ended the main show with ‘I Wanna Be Yours’ which is the last track on their latest album, I think this was a good song to end on because it is a song which is big and powerful musically and everyone knew it. I also think this was a clever tune to end on because they started with the first track on the latest album and ended with the last track on the latest album, giving the main body of the show a sense of full circle They ended with ‘R U Mine?’ which was the first single for the new album so it was the song that had been around for the longest on the new album and so was well known and a musically powerful tune to end on.
The band played the songs as they sound on the albums and composed extended outros and intros to some of the songs to change up the live sound and make both the listening to the album and seeing them live, different experiences.
The lighting was done very well and they had more sinister colours for angrier songs such as ‘Brianstorm’ or ‘Don’t Sit Down ‘Cause I Moved Your Chair’ (see above) and they had some sparkly lights which spanned the whole venue and made it look like there were stars in the sky for the more emotional, slow and intimate songs such as ‘I Wanna Be Yours’ and ‘No.1 Party Anthem’ (see concert review section).
The sound was executed near perfectly, the acoustics of the venue meant that the sound was spread around the whole room and everyone could hear the littlest of sounds in the song to make them feel like they were an active part of it. The venue is round and the roof is rounded at the top to give the perfect sound reflection.
On the whole the concert was a great night of live music which was all managed and executed very well and if anyone of the above elements had been executed badly it would’ve effected the whole show and it would’ve been obvious to see that something was wrong. So without the right management for a show of this size its going to be a poor show. That is why the management of a show is very important, and with Arctic Monkeys it was performed fantastically, I was not disappointed.

Review Tate Gallery St Ives, Nathan Edwards

Review I

Review of the Tate St Ives    29.10.13    Nathan Edwards

When I went to St Ives I went into the Tate gallery that was there, the major exhibition was called Aquatopia: the imaginary ocean of the deep. This consisted of over 150 contemporary and historic artworks. The artworks ranged from traditional paintings to delicate glass structures the size of my palm. Each one had its perks that made it stand out, though there was some that was didn’t do so. There was some videos that was playing throughout the exhibition in certain places, though they was not animation they still could be very beneficial to me.

There was one video that was a about the journey and life of an octopus, it explored this in great detail, down to how the eggs developed into young octopi, for me this was very intriguing as I have always been interested in the sciences, so watching this really grabbed my attention, the film was recorded by a French person if I remember correctly. It did have English subtitles so that I was able to read and understand the video. My only downfall for this video is that it was rather bland and out of place for where it was, I myself couldn’t understand why it had been exhibited in the Tate, it was more of an documentary then a piece of art work, but then that just comes to a matter of opinion I suppose.

I do think that a documentary is a very good idea for an animation, as it would have an intellectual side to it, instead of just being a simple animation, but I would need to find a subject or theme that I would find intriguing and thought provoking enough for me to be inspired to do such an animation. This then leaves me with another choice, a story, whether this is a fiction or non-fiction. I could even go as far as producing an animated video for a song? For me to fully know what I would like to do, I will need to do some more independent research and look at some subject matters that I could work with for my final outcome.

Overall the I do think that the Tate St Ives was very small in comparison to Tate Britain and Tate Modern, but this will be a problem that will be fixed as they are planning to expand the building which should be completed in 2016, I do very much look forward to this as this will increase the amount of exhibition work that they will be able to display at one time, this will greatly improve the diversity of the what will be on display.

Only in England: Photographs by Tony Ray-Jones and Martin Parr


Only in England: Photographs by Tony Ray-Jones and Martin Parr by Catherine Poole

For my arts award I went to a photography exhibition at the Science Museum in London.

The exhibition was Only in England that contained specific photos by photographers Tony Ray-Jones and Martin Parr. These photos contain images documenting events within the 1960s and modern day, which were taken, by Tony Ray-Jones and theses then influenced Martin Parr to create his own interpretations. The photos are very interesting and contain black and white images mainly they are very impulsive yet have characteristic tones that set a scene and help give the viewer and insight into how it was.

I found the exhibition was very interesting as the photos were combined and as if were to question which photograph was by which photographer and to see if you could defer them. I found the older photographs from Tony Ray-Jones influential and more interesting as there seemed more substance to them but the elements of capturing scenes from the 60s and 70s appealed more to me. However I like how Martin Parr has used this artist influential and created his own spin on it. As well as how the people in the photos were unacknowledged and unaware they were being taken which adds to the theme.

The photos in the exhibition were laid out in a small space within the media centre of the science museum and had a very minimalist appearance such as those in white wall galleries. There was specific lighting which centred onto the pieces I found this influential as I liked the idea when presenting my series of photos to be highlight by the use of lighting and space to give it a detailed and minimal dynamic.

When in the exhibition there were various quotes along the walls I found this one helpful and gave me more insight to the on goings and exhibition itself.

“Fascinated by the eccentricities of English social customs, Tony Ray-Jones spent the latter half of the 1960s travelling across England, photographing what he saw as a disappearing way of life. Humorous yet melancholy, these works had a profound influence on photographer Martin Parr, who has now made a new selection including over 50 previously unseen works from the National Media Museum’s Ray-Jones archive. Shown alongside The Non-Conformists, Parr’s rarely seen work from the 1970s, this selection forms a major new exhibition which demonstrates the close relationships between the work of these two important photographers.”

I found the exhibiton has helped impact my arts practice because i am now aware of the various layouts i could possibly go down but also i have found the exhiniton has allowed me to decide what i want my arts practice to be . I am going to create a series of photos where a dress is used and styled in various ways this shows the journey of the dress and the alterations and different interpretations that can be made from one specifc yet everyday item. My practise is fashion photgraphy and styling. The exhibiton has helped realize that i want the purpose of this to be included but also that I could experiment with monotone and colours depending on what emotives i want to include. As well as this i found the exhibiton visit has allowed me to want to explore more types and differing photography and see how i can create a unique and special theme within these.

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