Review III – Nathan Edwards

Review III

PORTHMINSTER gallery, St Ives             29.11.13       Nathan Edwards


This was a gallery that I went to view when I was on holiday in St Ives, the exhibition is called ‘beneath the surface’.

As I was looking around the paintings I noticed that they had an element of movement to them, since the paintings are related to the English landscape it is no wonder they have a sense of motion, the English landscape and any kind of landscape is a changing work of art.

I do think that these arts of work do indeed capture the forever changing landscape of England, the way the cut out boards are placed on top of one another gives the piece a real sense of depth, just like the natural world is like, I also like how he has used the acrylics, the way they move with the board, and go against the board, it is truly a great representation of the world that we live in, the way the red sits above the blue mass just gives an beautiful collaboration, it makes you believe that you are not just viewing the work but able to feel the work.

His brush strokes are well done they look like stones that has been compressed together for thousands of years, for the blue though it gives the sense of rolling, uncontrollable waves that you can only ride and not control.

I would definitely use this in my animation work, as this could be a great background/layout for my work, the sense of movement, by choosing the right colours I could really make the animation really work, I might also use this in my character designs, the way they blend together as one.

To conclude I would definitely trial some of these ideas in my work to see how it works and if I like it.

Things to do:

  • Make some character designs
  • Make backgrounds/layouts
  • Decide if they work

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