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Review III – Nathan Edwards

Review III

PORTHMINSTER gallery, St Ives             29.11.13       Nathan Edwards


This was a gallery that I went to view when I was on holiday in St Ives, the exhibition is called ‘beneath the surface’.

As I was looking around the paintings I noticed that they had an element of movement to them, since the paintings are related to the English landscape it is no wonder they have a sense of motion, the English landscape and any kind of landscape is a changing work of art.

I do think that these arts of work do indeed capture the forever changing landscape of England, the way the cut out boards are placed on top of one another gives the piece a real sense of depth, just like the natural world is like, I also like how he has used the acrylics, the way they move with the board, and go against the board, it is truly a great representation of the world that we live in, the way the red sits above the blue mass just gives an beautiful collaboration, it makes you believe that you are not just viewing the work but able to feel the work.

His brush strokes are well done they look like stones that has been compressed together for thousands of years, for the blue though it gives the sense of rolling, uncontrollable waves that you can only ride and not control.

I would definitely use this in my animation work, as this could be a great background/layout for my work, the sense of movement, by choosing the right colours I could really make the animation really work, I might also use this in my character designs, the way they blend together as one.

To conclude I would definitely trial some of these ideas in my work to see how it works and if I like it.

Things to do:

  • Make some character designs
  • Make backgrounds/layouts
  • Decide if they work

Review II – Nathan Edwards

Review II


Giant Ant, creative studio         21.11.13      Nathan Edwards


This is a link to their home page —


Giant ant is a creative studio that tells stories using moving pictures and sound.

 From what I can see from there home page they partner with brands so that they can tell there story through film, animation, music and sound.


There is a (awareness) video that they have done called “Cannabis & Psychosis”, it is telling the viewer about the problems that come with smoking drugs, how you may experience things that you wouldn’t want to experience, and how this is linked to Psychosis, how doing drugs may trigger mental illnesses, the theme to this is a thoughtful and straight forward matter, there is no branches that stem from this, it is simply if you do smoke drugs there is a higher risk of triggering problems of the brain, the brain is a complex organ that needs care, it never stops for a brake, it’s a 24/7 operation.


The video is another matter, I want to speak about how the animation in the video is very effective and works well for the theme of the poem. Since the poem in some ways could be seen as a dark aspect of life, and for me to capture this the use of figurines that is used in stop motion is ideal and effective, the way the movements are almost jolted and robotic like, gives the video a nice feel for what it is about.

The use of 2D animation in the video is also interesting, a certain point for this is when the poem reaches a section when it talks about the pecking order of school life and relates this to a circus, now a circus can, and is sometimes very dark and a scary place which again relates to the dark aspect of the poem.

There was a part of the video which I wasn’t very fond of, this was the part in which the animator used CGI, the way they had constructed it was very nice and impressive, but I felt that it didn’t suite the poem very well.


The overall animation to the poem was a excellent piece of work, something that I would like to be able to accomplish someday.

The Glamour of Bellville Sassoon exhibition

Catherine Poole


The Glamour of Bellville Sassoon exhibition


For my arts award I am looking at creating a serious of photos depeicting dresses and the jornuey of a dress within these as I was intreged in the type of dress or style I could include I decided to visit an exhibition within the lonond fashion and textile museum.

Recently I went to visit the Fashion and Textiles museum in London to see an exhibiton called the glamour of belville sassoon which exhibited various high fashion couture dresses. The exhibiton ahd a wide variety which showcased different eras sucha s 1950s and 30s. I found the exhibition very inspiring and helpful to my arts practice. As well as the dresses there were patterns and graphics printed and you were able to look through as they were exhibited in books. The exhibition had a lot of information and gave me a lot of knowledge about coutre and bespoke dresses as well as the purpose and ideas behind them such themse were unique and fantasty and creating theatrical expressions through dresses.

In general the exhitbion had a classical appearance as the dresses were exhibited behind glass and showcased the importance and deicate features fo the dresses. The exhibition was in a circle and central compostion as you walked around and through to navigate your way. The progression of the dresses and the eras was shown as you went though the exhibition as well as this one thing I found very obvious was that the exhibition had a dull format that was enhanced by the lighting.

I found that the dresses from the 50s era were my favourite as they had transitional elemstn that would still look got today as well as the frilling and shapes to the dress there was also elements of contour and definitive and intricate detaisl that ki found inspiring. As wellas this there were wporks form a range of designers who were both well known and lesser which I found interesting.

Overall I found the exhibition helped me in my inspirations and ideas for my arts practice as well as finalizing my ideas in to what factors I want. Although the areas of presentation and how I could present my photos did ot help me the most as the format of the exhitbion was completely different. The exhibition helped develop my ideas of dresses and what qualities  I want to achieve within my practice.


“Bellville Sassoon has been synonymous with high fashion for over 50 years. As Britain’s foremost couture label from the 1960s onwards, founder Belinda Bellville with designers David Sassoon and Lorcan Mullany, dressed many of the world’s most stylish women, including Diana, Princess of Wales. This exhibition traces the history of British glamour from the couture houses of the late 1950s, to the celebrities who became clients of the company. It also explores the influence of ready-to-wear and Vogue patterns.