Paramore, LG Arena, Birmingham 23.09.13 Max Lilley

Paramore, LG Arena, Birmingham – 23/09/2013

  • The band formed in 2002 after lead vocalist Hayley Williams met brothers Zac and Josh Farro and formed a small band alongside two other members.
  • Williams was already signed to Atlantic records as a solo artist but wanted the chance to show what the band could do as a rock band and not her as a top 40 pop princess with band.
  • After recording their music, Atlantic decided that it would be better it their music was not attached to such a major record label and that they should be attached to a niche rock label “Fueled by Ramen”, and so they did.
  • After a small private performance in a warehouse in 2005 the band were eventually signed to both Fueled by Ramen and Atlantic Records.
  • The first song that the band wrote together was called ‘Conspiracy’ and was late used on their debut album “All We Know Is Falling”.

Key Dates/Achievements:

  • 31/07/05 (22/04/06 UK), first single released “Pressure” coming in at No.62 in the US Charts.
  • 26/07/05 Debut album “All We Know Is Falling” released, coming in at No.51 in the UK charts, failed to get into the US Billboard 200.
  • 12/06/07, second album “Riot!” released, coming in at No.24 in the UK Charts and No.15 in US Charts. A significant change since their debut album.
  • 29/09/09, third album “Brand New Eyes” released, coming in at No.1 in the UK Charts and No.2 in the US Charts.
  • 05/04/13, fourth album “Paramore” released, coming in at No.1 in the UK Charts and No.1 in the US Charts.
  • 18/10/10, Zac and Josh Farro, who had been in it since the start, announced they were leaving the band though Hayley Williams announced that the band still planned to make music but that the style was likely to change.

Major Awards Won:

  • In 2010, “Brand New Eyes” won best album at the Kerrang! Awards.
  • In 2012, Hayley Williams received ‘Hottest Female’ at the Kerrang! Awards.
  • In 2010, the band won “Best Alternative” at the MTV European music awards.
  • In 2009, Hayley Williams won ‘Sexiest Female’ at the NME Awards.
  • In 2010, Paramore won “Best International Band” at the NME Awards.
  • In 2012, Hayley Williams won “Hottest Female” at the NME Awards.
  • In 2010 and 2011, Paramore won “Favourite Rock Band” at the People’s Choice Awards.
  • In 2008, Paramore won “Best Rock Group”, “Best Breakout Group” and “Best Rock Track” for ‘Crushcrushcrush’ at the Teen Choice Awards.
  • In 2009, Paramore won “Choice Rock Group” and “Choice Rock Track” for ‘Decode’ at the Teen Choice Awards.
  • In 2010, Paramore won “Rock Group”, “Album – Rock” for ‘Brand New Eyes’ and “Rock Track” for ‘Ignorance’ at the Teen Choice Awards.
  • In 2011, Paramore won “Rock Group” and “Rock Track” for ‘Monster’ at the Teen Choice Awards.
  • In 2013, Paramore won “Choice Rock Group” at the Teen Choice Awards.

Concert Review:
The band played for a good length of time, it was about a 100 minute set. The band have four albums so they could’ve played for a bit longer in my opinion but it was a packed night of live music as they had two support acts on top of their headline set.
The venue was not sold it which is surprising as the band are very popular over here, their 2 latest albums have gone to No.1 in the UK. Thought the Arena was pretty full, the seating at the back was curtained of due to the tickets not being sold and there was still plenty of space left at the back of the standing area.PARAMORE
The band did introduce each other on the stage and went on to play songs after the introductions. They did, in-fact, have very good rapport with the audience as near the beginning they talked about how they couldn’t have got to where they are without the audience and went on to say that its not just them that are a part of the band but that the audience were too, they made them chant “We! AIMAG0273re! Paramore!!” throughout various points in the gig in a sort of pantomime style way, which made the audience feel like a part of the act they were watching. They introduced some songs and told the audience what they were about. They also had a large stage meaning that they had lots of room and they used all of it, they were very energetic in their performance which made it feel like they were enjoying themselves as much as we were. At one point in the gig the bassist and guitar player did a roll over each other on the stage to make the performance a bit more exciting.
In addition, out of all of the gigs I have been to, Paramore made me feel the most included in their act, in the last song before the encore, the band brought a randomly chosen fan from the audience up onto the stage to sing the song with them.


  1. Grow Up
  2. Fast in My Car
  3. That’s What You Get
  4. Decode
  5. Ignorance
  6. Interlude: I’m Not Angry Anymore
  7. Now
  8. Daydreaming
  9. When It Rains
  10. Last Hope
  11. Brick by Boring Brick
  12. Interlude: Holiday
  13. Crushcrushcrush
  14. Ain’t It Fun
  15. The Only Exception
  16. In the Mourning (transition into Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide”)
  17. Pressure
  18. Misery Business
  19. Part II
  20. Interlude: Moving On
  21.    Still Into You

The band played a very broad set spanning all of their four albums, including a small EP they did after the band reformed. 11 of the 21 songs were from their latest album, 1 of the 21 from their Singles EP, 4 of the 21 from their third album, 4 of the 21 from their second album and then 1 of the 21 from their debut album. As it should be, the album played the most was their new one. They started with a song that is listed third on the track listing on their new album, “Grow Up”, though wasn’t a single but is quite a big song musically anIMAG0271d so they could prepare extended intros and outros for the song to make it longer and louder for a powerful ‘in your face’ type beginning. They then ended the main body of the show with a song called “Misery Business” which was the firIMAG0276st single from their second album and has grown to be THE song to finish on for this band so it is kind of a tradition for them to end on that song. The song that they ended the encore on, “Still Into You”, was the first single for their latest album so everyone following the lead up to their latest work will know the song as that is the album they’re touring. The band played all of their songs brilliantly and there were no mistakes made so the on the music side of the show it was very good.

The lighting for this gig was amazing, some of the best lighting I’ve seen for a show. It was nearly as good as a Nine Inch Nails lighting show. They had a giant Logo in the middle of the stage, which was the logo that people know them by, which lit up at certain points, they had two huge rows of lights behind them which lit up in different orders, see video, and they had no curtains at the side of stage which meant it was almost like a 180˚ view. They had changes in colour depending on the mood of a song, blue lasers for love songs like “The Only Exception” (see above) and orange and green for happier songs like “Still Into You” or “Ain’t It Fun” (see above). They also had two big screens on either side of the stage which followed the lead vocalist so that people at the back could see what was going on.

Sound wise, it was all executed very well, there were 4 big speaker blocks on the stage which projected the sound 180˚ around the stage to ensure everyone could hear what was going on.

Overall, the gig was put together brilliantly. If any part of this gig had been done badly, it would’ve affected the whole night as if the lighting had been done badly you would’ve been able to tell because the show would not look like it was good. I definitely enjoyed the night and it was all managed very well, nothing went wrong and everything looked and sounded great, again not disappointed at all.


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