Review Tate Gallery St Ives, Nathan Edwards

Review I

Review of the Tate St Ives    29.10.13    Nathan Edwards

When I went to St Ives I went into the Tate gallery that was there, the major exhibition was called Aquatopia: the imaginary ocean of the deep. This consisted of over 150 contemporary and historic artworks. The artworks ranged from traditional paintings to delicate glass structures the size of my palm. Each one had its perks that made it stand out, though there was some that was didn’t do so. There was some videos that was playing throughout the exhibition in certain places, though they was not animation they still could be very beneficial to me.

There was one video that was a about the journey and life of an octopus, it explored this in great detail, down to how the eggs developed into young octopi, for me this was very intriguing as I have always been interested in the sciences, so watching this really grabbed my attention, the film was recorded by a French person if I remember correctly. It did have English subtitles so that I was able to read and understand the video. My only downfall for this video is that it was rather bland and out of place for where it was, I myself couldn’t understand why it had been exhibited in the Tate, it was more of an documentary then a piece of art work, but then that just comes to a matter of opinion I suppose.

I do think that a documentary is a very good idea for an animation, as it would have an intellectual side to it, instead of just being a simple animation, but I would need to find a subject or theme that I would find intriguing and thought provoking enough for me to be inspired to do such an animation. This then leaves me with another choice, a story, whether this is a fiction or non-fiction. I could even go as far as producing an animated video for a song? For me to fully know what I would like to do, I will need to do some more independent research and look at some subject matters that I could work with for my final outcome.

Overall the I do think that the Tate St Ives was very small in comparison to Tate Britain and Tate Modern, but this will be a problem that will be fixed as they are planning to expand the building which should be completed in 2016, I do very much look forward to this as this will increase the amount of exhibition work that they will be able to display at one time, this will greatly improve the diversity of the what will be on display.


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